Friday, June 8, 2012

Die Crawling Studio: first anniversary

Hey everybody! This new video and press release just went out... Enjoy!

Studio drummer Dirk Verbeuren's Die Crawling Studio is celebrating its one year anniversary! Equipped with a personalized electronic kit and stellar Toontrack software and sounds, Die Crawling has been Verbeuren's lair of choice when laying down drum tracks for bands such as Naglfar, Bent Sea, Powermad, SCD, Anatomy of I and Colosso, as well as his smash hit MIDI pack series for Toontrack, the Library of the Extreme.

Check out the Die Crawling 2011- 2012 promotional reel:

Always at the forefront of metal drumming, Verbeuren took part in October’s infamous first edition of Sick Drummer Camp, instructing and performing alongside high profile drummers such as Gene Hoglan, Sean Reinert, Derek Roddy, George Kollias, Gus Rios and Danny Walker. In 2012, with two highly acclaimed Tama/Meinl clinic tours in Europe and China already under his belt, Verbeuren will lay down drum tracks for Soilwork’s upcoming album The Living Infinite as well as his side project, Bent Sea featuring Shane Embury and Sven De Caluw√© among many other unannounced recordings. In the meantime he's booking a follow-up clinic tour in Asia and is looking forward to touring the United States to reach his American fans.

Die Crawling Studios has opened up Verbeuren's availability to record with numerous talent packages and he's always seeking to participate in the next exciting project. Says Verbeuren, "It's always a blast for me in the studio. I feel at home behind the kit and get a ton of inspiration from all the new music being created around the globe. One thing I never want to stop doing is working with other musicians. Die Crawling Studios is one of my ways of contributing to the world of music. I love it!"
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